Wii-U, the Perfect Companion Console

<em>Update: I eventually bought all three. Forza and Dead Rising more than justified my Xbox purchase. I am happy with my PS4 and am knocking out innings of MLB The Show. But, the WiiU has been my favorite. At this point, not my most played, but I have definitely had the most fun while playing.</em>

I know what you are thinking, what the hell? The Wii-U? Yes. The Wii-U will be the console I purchase along with my PS4.  People can argue PS4, Xbox One or Both all day every day. But in my opinion the combination of the PS4 or Xbox One and the Wii-U will provide more must play exclusives for the life of this generation than combining the PS4 and Xbox together.<!–more–>

It’s my opinion that outside of Titanfall and indie games we will have very few third party exclusives on either console. This boils your buying decision, from a game standpoint, down to your preference in first and second party exclusives between Sony and Microsoft. Unless you purchased both the PS4 and Xbox One on day one you’ve basically chosen your primary gaming machine already.

<b>What to to buy next?</b>

The logical answer for most would be the one you didn’t purchase first between PS4 and XB1. I will use myself as an example as a PS4 buyer.  If you purchased the XB1, the same logic will apply. Moving forward I don’t think there will be compelling enough exclusives for me to justify the purchase of an Xbox One.   Mix in the fact that third party titles will most certainly be comparable between the two consoles; the exclusives are all that’s left.  That’s not to say it won’t be a late generation purchase after a price drop and a backlog of discounted titles.

<b>What’s left?</b>

The Wii-U, that’s what.  The knock on the original Wii was the shovel ware garbage that saturated the market, leaving the Nintendo first party games the only titles worth playing. The Wii-U has the opposite complaint, not enough third party support.  If you are only buying one console this could be a problem, but if third party games are a concern I can’t imagine many of those customers purchasing a Wii-U over the PS4 or XB1?

I understand I am now choosing Nintendo first party titles over XB1 first party and a more powerful console, why would I do that?  I feel that Nintendo titles offer a much different and more refreshing experience that would be a better compliment to my PS4, rather than a different take on shooters and action games.


If you are not a fan of Nintendo characters and the light approach to gaming than this direction might not be for you.  But in my case, I will get all of my hardcore gaming needs out of my PS4 and it’s always refreshing to jump into Mario, Zelda or any other Nintendo based franchise.  It’s a new school take on 30 years of reliable gaming that gives me a nostalgic feel with a new school console.