Why I have a problem with The Crew trailer, and so should you


Normally I’m excited for new game trailers that give me a glimpse into what my next time sink on the couch will look like. Today, I watched an 11 minute gameplay trailer for The Crew on IGN. In it, they refered to the game genre as an “MMO caRPG.” All joking aside, in the wake of a recent post on Ubisoft’s official blog detailing the many reasons why gamers should not trust early reviews of their upcoming social racing sim, this trailer hit me wrong. All wrong.

In the lengthy trailer, a narrator explains various aspects of the game from how the crews and factions to game modes and personal expression, and it all felt pushy. She was subtly ramming the ‘funness’ of The Crew down my throat. The trailer was trying just hard enough to convince me of its originality and authenticity that it did just the opposite. It communicated to me that there was something to hide. It started sounding an awful lot like a pitch from a used car salesman, hawking off broken, damaged virtual cars on unsuspecting gamers who supposedly shouldn’t be trusting early reviews of this racing gem.

To grind my gears further, Ubisoft thought it smart to flash quotes from the press praising the E3 build of the game at the end of the video. The E3 build. So let me get this right. Gamers shouldn’t trust early reviews of the game…unless they’re positive?