ToysRUs Makes Good on Pre-order Amiibo Cancellations

Late last week ToysRUs costumers that pre-ordered Amiibos may have been met with quite a surprise when they received an e-mail from the company stating that their order had been canceled; I had Lucario pre-ordered and was one of those customers. I was first met with frustration, but wasn’t completely surprised since the popularity of Amiibos has skyrocketed. Luckily the cancellation was an error, and this last weekend I received a follow up e-mail acknowledging the error with a promise of another opportunity to order.  That opportunity came this morning, with an added bonus.

Rather than just allowing me to repeat purchase my order I was actually allowed to not only re-order my original Lucario order but it was also discounted to $10.99. In addition I was also allowed to pre-order more than just Lucario at the discounted price. I already had the following pre-ordered at other locations, but took the opporunity to order another just in case packaging was defunct.  I wouldn’t have normally done this, but on Monday I was able to pick up my Pit pre-order at Gamestop and the employee had sliced the Pit packaging while opening the shipping box; for this reason I would feel much more comfortable having a second just in case.

  • Bowser amiibo– Purchase Limit: 2
  • Captain Falcon amiibo– Purchase Limit: 1
  • Lucario amiibo– Purchase Limit: 2
  • Mega Man amiibo– Purchase Limit: 2
  • Pit amiibo– Purchase Limit: 1
  • Sheik amiibo– Purchase Limit: 2
  • Sonic amiibo– Purchase Limit: 1
  • Toon Link amibbo – Purchase Limit: 2

How does the redemption work?

You will receive the email below with links to the items you are offered for repurchase.  Do NOT redistribute this email with your code, it is a one use coupon code to redeem your pre-orders.  If you follow the links you will notice that TRU has raised the price of each Amiibo to $999.99 in order to eliminate the possibility of the links being distributed.

[blockquote]”Dear [Customer Name], As a follow up to the email we sent you a few days ago, we are reaching out regarding your recent amiibo presell order cancellation and to provide you with information on how to repurchase. As you may already know, amiibo product is in high demand.

To make sure that we give you the first opportunity to purchase these items prior to our returning them to our general online inventory for others to buy, we are providing you with links to each item’s product page. For technical reasons, these product pages will show the retail price of the item as being $999.99, but we will provide you with an online only, one-time use code that, when entered, will adjust the price back to the regular retail price. In addition, while we initially offered the amiibo items at $13.99, we’re happy to extend to you a discounted price of $10.99 because of the inconvenience To redeem the code, please follow these simple instructions:

1. Click on the link(s) below to the view the amiibo items you wish to repurchase and add the item(s) to you cart * Please note, to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to repurchase their items, we have limited the quantity you may purchase for each item. Quantity limits are listed below by each link.
2. Proceed to checkout once you have the item(s) you wish to repurchase in your cart
3. Apply the promotion code in the promotional code field during your checkout process and select ‘apply’
4. The discount will be applied to your order and you can proceed to the payment screens Some important things to note: This promotional code can only be used for one order and it is only valid towards the amiibo items listed below.

This offer expires Monday, December 29, 2014 at 11:59 pm EST, at which time the items will be made available to the general public pending availability. These items are still considered presell items and will not ship until the manufacturer’s street date. Please use this code: xxxxxxxxxxxxx These Amiibo items will only be accessible at through the links below.”[/blockquote]

Overall I couldn’t have been happier with how TRU handled the mishap, in addition I got a discount with another opportunity to pre-order a few extra. Well played TRU.