ToysRUs Cancelling Amiibo Orders…Again!

Last week I wrote an article that applauded ToysRUs on how they handled the
accidental canceling of customer Amiibo orders, I was one of those
unfortunate customers. In a nutshel, ToysRus offered those customers the
opportunity to reorder their Amiibos at a discount price of $10.99. This was
a satisfactory solution, and one I was quite happy with, unfortunately that
satisfaction came to a halt this morning.

At 9:47 CT I was greeted with an e-mail fro TRU stating that my order for
Pit and Captain Falcon had been cancelled once again. Thinking this may be
another slip up I called customer service, who confirmed, they had oversold
their quantity and could not fulfill the order. This is extremely
frustrating, especially since this happened once already and they promised
to make good.

[blockquote]We are reaching out today regarding the recent cancellation that
has occurred with your online order(s). Unfortunately, there was a
processing error that caused your order(s) to cancel. Legally, we cannot
reinstate your order(s) however we are working to put a process in place
that will allow you to purchase these items within the week. We will be
reaching out to you as soon as we have specifics and appreciate your
patience and understanding.[/blockquote]

I did receive that follow up e-mail and it stated.

[blockquote]As you may already know, amiibo product is in high demand. To
make sure that we give you the first opportunity to purchase these items
prior to our returning them to our general online inventory for others to
buy, we are providing you with links to each item’s product page. For
technical reasons, these product pages will show the retail price of the
item as being $999.99, but we will provide you with an online only, one-time
use code that, when entered, will adjust the price back to the regular
retail price. In addition, while we initially offered the amiibo items at
$13.99, we’re happy to extend to you a discounted price of $10.99 because of
the inconvenience[/blockquote]

I place my second order 18 minutes after receiving this follow-up email. I
then proceeded to write a complementary article on this website. In
addition I also received my confirmation that linked me to my order status.
Fast forward to Tuesday, December 30, I receive another email from TRU
stating that my items had an unexpected delay in shipping.

[blockquote]We have received your order # 3053116728-0. However, there has
been an unexpected delay in the shipment of the following item(s):

For me this wasn’t a problem, delays happen and as long as I am going to
receive the items that I ordered I am a happy customer, even if I had to
replace the order. They seemed so confident that I was going to receive my
shipment they even added the following to the e-mail.

[blockquote]Please note: This is not a cancellation email. Your item(s) will
be shipped once it becomes available. You will receive a shipping
confirmation email with updated tracking information once your item(s) has
shipped. [/blockquote]

Having read that second paragraph I had no worries that I would receive my
shipment. Until I actually received a second cancellation stating that my
order had yet again been cancelled. This time they did not cite a specific

[blockquote]Thank you for shopping at and
Unfortunately, some or all of the items from your order # 3053116728-1 are
currently unavailable. As a result, these item(s) have been deleted from
your order. Here is a review of the item(s) that have been cancelled:

I understand that Amiibos are available in limited quantity and are in high
demand, but to cancel my order once, offer me a second chance to order only
to have it cancelled a second time is unacceptable in my opinion. Like most
website cancellations for apologized for the inconvenience and appreciate my
understanding, but in this instance I do not understand. Unfortunately it
seems consumers are out of options this time around. If you are still
trying to hunt down the Pit or Captain Falcon Amiibo it seems that Gamestop
is still receiving limited shipments, or you always have the option of
rewarding resellers by purchasing on Ebay or Amazon.