Valve, Zelda, Oculus, Switch – Retro Jonez E.107

This week we catch up on our week in gaming, Zelda expansion, Valve VR games, Oculus Rift, and 12 days out from Nintendo Switch.

Start – Mitch Updates – Taxi Pinball, Roadtrip
20:00 – Mike Updates – Resident Evil 7
22:30 – Poopy Pants Story
24:20 – No Mans Sky
28:30 – For Honor
36:00 – Parent Stories
37:30 – Best Buy removing Oculus Rift demo stations
39:30 – Valve working on 3 full length VR games
41:30 – Zelda expansion
49:00 – Nintendo Switch – The 12 Days of Switchmas

16CAN – Amiibo, Zelda, Physical v. Digital

This episode Mike talks about content being locked behind Amiibo support, specifically Zelda, but also touches on Splatoon.  Second Segment he hits on Amazon Prime vs Gamers Club unlocked, and what impact this has on trade in values and the Physical vs. Digital argument.

Deodorant is a must have for gaming – Retro Jonez E.51

This week jump into Super Nintendo, Sega Game Gear, favorite gaming moments from our listeners and Forza 6.

Start – Super Nintendo
25:35 – Sega Game Gear giveaway and some of our voicemail and e-mail entries.  Gift receiving, system purchases and the lowest common denominator.
54:20 – Forza 6