Willing this Podcast into Existence – Retro Jonez E.121

On this weeks episode we discuss, Counterfeit PS3 Controllers, Mitch’s Final Mario Odyssey thoughts, Sim Racing Rigs, Fanatec and Thrustmaster, Virtual Reality, Assetto Corsa VR, Arizona Sunshine, Diner Pinball Restoration Update, Mitch’s Pinball Collection, Whirlwind, and Tales of the Arabian Nights.

RJ80 – Virtual Reality and Console Wars with Blake J. Harris

This week we have a very special guest, Blake J. Harris. Blake is the author of Consoles Wars and has and upcoming book about the virtual reality revolution entitled The History of the Future will release in May of 2017.  We discuss both in detail on this episode of Retro Jonez.
Start – Introduction, Console Wars, Sega, Nintendo
37:00 –  Virtual Reality, The History of the Future

RJ76 – Nintendo NX and Virtual Reality

This week is a bit of a shorter episode, we discuss what the Nintendo NX may or may not be, will it have Virtual Reality support, and or general feelings of Virtual reality overall.

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RJ67 – A Virtual Reality…Reality

On this episode of Retro Jonez we cover all of your options for experience virtual reality.  We will talk about the value proposition, the hardware available and the software support.

Virtual Reality Devices Covered –

Google Cardboard

Samsung Gear

Oculus Rift

Valve Vive

Playstation VR

SNES Everdrive, Game Gear LCD Mod, Virtual Reality – Retro Jonez E.54

This week we are back talking more Retro Games, the Super Nintendo Everdrive, and the Sega Game Gear LCD modification.  On the current gen side of things we discuss racing seats and virtual reality.

Start – SNES Everdrive, Collection Updates
32:20 – Racing Seats, Sega Game Gear LCD Modification
50:50 – Virtual Reality, Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, Valve Vive, Playstation VR