Tiny Toys for Tiny huh huh uh huh – Retro Jonez E.122

Mike is back from the other side of the world and talks about the games he played on the flight, Sonic Mania, Octopath Traveler, Kirby Star Allies. Mitch played some more Mario Odyssey and provides some updates on the Diner pinball restore. We also discussed some video games movies, the latest Tomb Raider, and Silent Hill. Then we talk about retro/arcade collecting and mini arcade machines.

19CAN – Tomb Raider and Uncharted

Uncharted out Tomb Raidered Tomb Raider. Then Tomb Raider out Uncharted Uncharted. Now Uncharted could out Tomb Raider Tomb Raider and out Uncharted Uncharted. Tomb Raider revolutionized a genre.  Uncharted risked becoming “Dude Raider” but instead re-revolutionized action adventure. I’ll explain in this podcast.

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Destiny Taken King Reactions, Madden 16 and more – Retro Jonez Special Episode

This week Mike is tackling the show solo and will cover a variety of topics including his reactions to the Destiny Taken King Reveal, Madden NFL 16, upcoming 2015 releases, his current podcast playlist and podcasts he will miss.
Start – Destiny Taken King
29:40 – Listener E-mail, what games are we(Mike) looking forward to most.
40:00 – Madden 16 Initial Impressions
51:25 – One of Mikes favorite podcasts calls it quits, he discusses his current podcast playlist.