Pinball, Zelda, and Nintendo Oh My – Retro Jonez E.123

On this weeks episode we open with a bit of music talk, a pinball league competition, Zelda Breath of the Wild, and Mike turned in his Nintendo Fan card in a mostly coherent rant.

Start – 00:11 – Music Talk
00:11 – 00:17 – Pinball League
00:17 – 00:50 – Zelda Breath of the Wild Spoiler from 00:31 – 00:38
00:50 – 01:09 – Mike goes on a classic Mike mostly coherent rant

Hot Takes Seven Months Late – Retro Jonez E.119

This week on the Retro Jonez podcast; Mitch and Mike discuss Mitch’s first impressions of the Nintendo Switch, our Super Mario Odyssey Impressions 7 months after it was cool, Pinball restorations, and some more Southern Fried Gaming Expo talk.

We forgot the Xbox – E.117

We talk about Mitch paragliding over volcano’s, cutting his finger off, Mike’s dad cut his ankle with a chainsaw, Mitch moderates a panel with pinball legend Steve Ritchie at Sothern Fried Gaming Expo, Discuss Billy Mitchell,  Mike ranks the consoles he has owned from least to most favorite (all 28).

3ds, gamecube, ps4, xbox one, wiiu, Gameboy(color), Vita, xbox 360, wii, Nomad, PSP, Game Gear, Saturn, dreamcast, Gameboy advance, switch, n64, 32x, sega cd,  atari 7800, PS3, Genesis, ps2, snes, ps1, xbox, nes, SMS

We Rank Nintendo Systems We’ve Owned – E.116

We completely fanboy about Ninja Turtles, Southern Fried Gameroom Expo, then we argue how we rank Nintendo systems we’ve owned, snes, nes, 3ds, gamecube, wiiu, Gameboy(color), Gameboy advance, switch, wii, n64, Mitch pinball collecting story acquiring The Simpson’s Pinball Party.

The Darlings of Podcasts – E.114

Atlanta Pinball establishments; My Parents Basement, Portal Pinball. Pinball tables; Total Nuclear Annihilation, Dialed-In, Iron Maiden.  General Pinball Talk; Stern Pinball and Quality Control.   We also discuss our opinions on Switch, Wii-U love, group think, game reviews, Nintendo bias.

Gamestop, Pacman, Framemeister, Nintendo – Retro Jonez E.105

This week we are talking al ot of games, collecting, sales, Nintendo Switch.

Start – Intro
7:40 – Smashing a Pacman & NAMCO
26:30 – It’s the Gamestop Circle of Life
40:30 – Framemeister and upscaling
52:00 – Nintendo Switch, Convincing Mitch
58:00 – Nintendo Red Tent Sale
1:14:00 – Nintendo Switch Online Pricing