There are Thieves on this Mother F’n Sea – E.118

Start – 0:05 – Chit Chat
0:05 – 0:20 – Switch / Xbox GameStop trade-in talk, Mitch buy’s a Nintendo Switch
0:20 – 1:02 – Mitch ranks the consoles and handhelds he has owned
1:02 – 1:16 – Sea of Thieves, There are Thieves on this Mother F’n Sea

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Reflect on Retro – Retro Jonez E.32

This week we just talk retro, what we loved from the past and our favorite gamin memories. We also have another giveaway, win Enduro Racer for Sega Master System by submitting a review on the site.  Details at 8 minutes 30 seconds.

  • New Master System Purchases: Start
  • Another givaway: 8:30
  • Our favorite games and memories: 20:00

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