Valve, Zelda, Oculus, Switch – Retro Jonez E.107

This week we catch up on our week in gaming, Zelda expansion, Valve VR games, Oculus Rift, and 12 days out from Nintendo Switch.

Start – Mitch Updates – Taxi Pinball, Roadtrip
20:00 – Mike Updates – Resident Evil 7
22:30 – Poopy Pants Story
24:20 – No Mans Sky
28:30 – For Honor
36:00 – Parent Stories
37:30 – Best Buy removing Oculus Rift demo stations
39:30 – Valve working on 3 full length VR games
41:30 – Zelda expansion
49:00 – Nintendo Switch – The 12 Days of Switchmas

CAN26 – Destiny, Virtual Reality, and Resolution on Console

This episode I give quick debriefing on VR as it sits today, discuss why I continue to be excited about Destiny, and why arguing about resolution on consoles has led us all to an iterative release cycle.


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RJ67 – A Virtual Reality…Reality

On this episode of Retro Jonez we cover all of your options for experience virtual reality.  We will talk about the value proposition, the hardware available and the software support.

Virtual Reality Devices Covered –

Google Cardboard

Samsung Gear

Oculus Rift

Valve Vive

Playstation VR

15CAN – Oculus pricing, I want to early adopt

The Oculus Rift and it’s consumer release has become the topic of conversation since they announced the $599 price tag.  With this price tag the internet got angry, and people got angry at the internet(people whom are also on the internet).  Accusations of why people were angry got tossed around and everyone pointed fingers, myself included. But, I wanted to at least try to clarify my stance as an Oculus user and early adopter of the DK2.

SNES Everdrive, Game Gear LCD Mod, Virtual Reality – Retro Jonez E.54

This week we are back talking more Retro Games, the Super Nintendo Everdrive, and the Sega Game Gear LCD modification.  On the current gen side of things we discuss racing seats and virtual reality.

Start – SNES Everdrive, Collection Updates
32:20 – Racing Seats, Sega Game Gear LCD Modification
50:50 – Virtual Reality, Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, Valve Vive, Playstation VR

Ahhhahhahhahhaha! – Retro Jonez E.35

We are go into retro collecting prices, collecting, arcades, PC gaming and Oculus!

  • Retro Collecting: Start
  • Arcade Restoration: 28:00
  • Oculus Rift and PC Gaming:51:00

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This podcast preorder is sold out…SAY WHA! – Retro Jonez E.34 PT.1

Mitch built a new gaming PC, Mike played more Destiny, James Buster Douglas ports on retro and preorders selling out while going to the secondary market at a huge markup.

  • Mitch’s PC Build, Oculus Rift: Start
  • Listen Phone Call, James Buster Douglas Master System: 24:40
  • Preorder sellouts: 35:40

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