Gamestop, Pacman, Framemeister, Nintendo – Retro Jonez E.105

This week we are talking al ot of games, collecting, sales, Nintendo Switch.

Start – Intro
7:40 – Smashing a Pacman & NAMCO
26:30 – It’s the Gamestop Circle of Life
40:30 – Framemeister and upscaling
52:00 – Nintendo Switch, Convincing Mitch
58:00 – Nintendo Red Tent Sale
1:14:00 – Nintendo Switch Online Pricing

GameStop and Nintendo Shenanigans – Retro Jonez E.41

This week we cover a variety of topics, from GameStops retro offering, the way of Nintendo, Sega Master System givaway, Virtual Reality and Arcade Restoration.

Start – GameStop is in the retro gaming space

13:00 – We give away Rampage on Sega Master System

25:30-  Nintendo past and present

57:40 – Virtual Reality – Oculus Rift – PC gaming

1:15:00 – Mikes Teengame Mutant Ninja Turtles MAME restore