There are Thieves on this Mother F’n Sea – E.118

Start – 0:05 – Chit Chat
0:05 – 0:20 – Switch / Xbox GameStop trade-in talk, Mitch buy’s a Nintendo Switch
0:20 – 1:02 – Mitch ranks the consoles and handhelds he has owned
1:02 – 1:16 – Sea of Thieves, There are Thieves on this Mother F’n Sea

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Xbox, Atari 2600, Sega Master System, Playstation 1, NES, Game Gear, Xbox 360, N64, Dreamcast, PSP, Vita, NES, PS3, GameCube, Genesis, 3DS, SNES

We forgot the Xbox – E.117

We talk about Mitch paragliding over volcano’s, cutting his finger off, Mike’s dad cut his ankle with a chainsaw, Mitch moderates a panel with pinball legend Steve Ritchie at Sothern Fried Gaming Expo, Discuss Billy Mitchell,  Mike ranks the consoles he has owned from least to most favorite (all 28).

3ds, gamecube, ps4, xbox one, wiiu, Gameboy(color), Vita, xbox 360, wii, Nomad, PSP, Game Gear, Saturn, dreamcast, Gameboy advance, switch, n64, 32x, sega cd,  atari 7800, PS3, Genesis, ps2, snes, ps1, xbox, nes, SMS

ExtraLife, Alex Kidd, Dreamcast, Arcade Ports, Dragons Lair – Retro Jonez E.57

We have a bunch of topics, from the Extra Life Fundraiser, to hilarious YouTube comments Sega consoles, racing seats, etc…

Start – Extra Life Fundraiser
8:15 – Alex Kidd High Tech World Hilarious YouTube Comment Discussion
13:00 – NES Stadium Events
25:50 – Sega Dreamcast and Arcade Ports
50:30 – Sega Game Gear LCD Mod
1:00:10 – Playseat vs Obutto Ozone
1:08:40 – Dragons Lair Movie Kickstarter

Destiny, SNES, Sega Game Gear, Racing Seats – Retro Jonez E.55

We are talking SNES Everdrive, games we missed on SNES, Sega Game Gear, Sega Master Gear mod, then we move into Destiny, racing seats, and console CRT TVs.
Start – SNES, Everdrive, Sega Master System
40:20 – Destiny
55:40 – Playseat, Racing Seats
1:00:00 – Console TVs

SNES Everdrive, Game Gear LCD Mod, Virtual Reality – Retro Jonez E.54

This week we are back talking more Retro Games, the Super Nintendo Everdrive, and the Sega Game Gear LCD modification.  On the current gen side of things we discuss racing seats and virtual reality.

Start – SNES Everdrive, Collection Updates
32:20 – Racing Seats, Sega Game Gear LCD Modification
50:50 – Virtual Reality, Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, Valve Vive, Playstation VR

Sega Master System, SNES, Game Gear Giveaway – Retro Jonez E.53

This week we finally announce our winner in the Sega Game Gear giveaway, but before doing that we cover a plethora of topics.  First we give an update on where we are with our Sega Master System collections, then we move onto the Super Nintendo, from there we talk about the health of current generation gaming and comments from Phil Spencer, and then we close the show with a phone call and the Sega Game Gear giveaway.

Start – Sega Master System collection update.
26:00 – Mitch’s Goodwill purchase
34:00 – Super Nintendo
41:00 – Console gaming wars
54:00 – Sega Game Gear giveaway

Mario Maker, Sega Game Gear, Master System, Retro Collecting – Retro Jonez E. 52

This week on episode number 52 of the Retro Jonez podcast Mitch and Mike go back and forth on a variety of topics.
Start – Sega Game Gear Giveaway
2:20 – Metal Gear Solid Retro Discussion
12:15 – Sega Game Gear LCD mods and collecting
19:00 – Mario Maker on Wii-u
35:00 – Sega Master System collection update – A new Holy Grail
56:00 – We discuss collecting in general and do emulators have a place
1:15:00 – Forza 6 and racing hardware

Deodorant is a must have for gaming – Retro Jonez E.51

This week jump into Super Nintendo, Sega Game Gear, favorite gaming moments from our listeners and Forza 6.

Start – Super Nintendo
25:35 – Sega Game Gear giveaway and some of our voicemail and e-mail entries.  Gift receiving, system purchases and the lowest common denominator.
54:20 – Forza 6

Arcades and Mobile Retro Gaming – Retro Jonez E.44

This week we talk retro mobile gaming and collecting; some of our memories with the Sega Game Gear and Nintendo Game Boy.  We talk some arcade games and finish it up with our twitter question of the week.

Start – Arcade warehouse raid, Nintendo Vs Cabinet

15:30 – Mobile retro gaming and collection with the game gear and the gameboy.  Plus some gener retro collecting thoughts.

45:45 – Twitter question conversation, what is or was the most valuable game in your collection, we discuss.