Tiny Toys for Tiny huh huh uh huh – Retro Jonez E.122

Mike is back from the other side of the world and talks about the games he played on the flight, Sonic Mania, Octopath Traveler, Kirby Star Allies. Mitch played some more Mario Odyssey and provides some updates on the Diner pinball restore. We also discussed some video games movies, the latest Tomb Raider, and Silent Hill. Then we talk about retro/arcade collecting and mini arcade machines.

Sit on Your Hand Until it Goes Numb – Retro Jonez E.120

This week talk about Pinball Arcade and it’s loss of licenses, more Super Mario Odyssey discussion and our misplaced expectation, The Crew 2, Mitch’s Diner Pinallball restoration, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality vs. Oculus vs. Vive, Billy Mitchell Southernfriad gameroom expo, Pantera and Vinnie Paul.

The Ying Yang Twins are Back! – Retro Jonez E.113

You most consistent podcast on the internet is back! We talk Sega Master System, Mitch’s Pinball Collection, the last year of our lives, Street Fighter 2, trips to the arcade, pinball collecting, arcade collecting, game collecting, please join us.

ExtraLife, Alex Kidd, Dreamcast, Arcade Ports, Dragons Lair – Retro Jonez E.57

We have a bunch of topics, from the Extra Life Fundraiser, to hilarious YouTube comments Sega consoles, racing seats, etc…

Start – Extra Life Fundraiser http://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.participant&participantID=140589
8:15 – Alex Kidd High Tech World Hilarious YouTube Comment Discussion
13:00 – NES Stadium Events
25:50 – Sega Dreamcast and Arcade Ports
50:30 – Sega Game Gear LCD Mod
1:00:10 – Playseat vs Obutto Ozone
1:08:40 – Dragons Lair Movie Kickstarter

Southern-Fried Gameroom Expo: The Recap – Retro Jonez E.40

Just got home from the “Southern-Fried Gameroom Expo”.  Thanks to the coordinators of this epic arcade/pinball expo, we had another amazing weekend packed full of celebrity panels, events, and games.  I was able to participate in an 8 bit discussion panel, and hang out with none other than Billy Mitchell himself!  Check out this weeks podcast (which was done shortly after returning home), where Mike receives a special message from Billy, along with a recap of all the events I was able to attend.  Even though I live no further than 25 minutes from the actual event, we chose to stay at the Marriott the event was held at, and essentially all but forgot about sleep, as the events were scheduled all day and all night … we even got up early Saturday morning to watch some vintage Saturday morning cartoons.

Ahhhahhahhahhaha! – Retro Jonez E.35

We are go into retro collecting prices, collecting, arcades, PC gaming and Oculus!

  • Retro Collecting: Start
  • Arcade Restoration: 28:00
  • Oculus Rift and PC Gaming:51:00

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Tron Arcade Upright Restoration – Part 2 of 2

A finished result of a very long and expensive restoration.  One of the best looking machines of all time – TRON!  Was found originally as a Two Tigers conversion in a warehouse about a year ago – was completely stripped and sanded down.  I’m bringing it to SFGE (Southern Fried Gameroom Expo) in 2015, and counting on Tron champion David Cruz to put up some big numbers on it.

Tron Upright Restoration (Pt 1)

Late update on an ongoing Tron Restoration project – one of the most spectacular looking machines of all time.  Sorry for the sucky video quality, I had to turn the brightness on my phone up all the way since I have very little natural light in my basement.  This guy was rescued from a Warehouse in BFE Georgia in December of 2013.  Was a rough conversion from Tron to Two Tigers.  Here’s Part 1 of it’s journey back to being a respectable Tron.

Come One Come All – Retro Jonez E.10

This week we talk more about Microsoft’s mixed message. Mike landed a couple more retro games for the collection. Mitch started a new Pacman stenciled machine. What we love and hate about Madden 25.