Southern-Fried Gameroom Expo: The Recap – Retro Jonez E.40

Just got home from the “Southern-Fried Gameroom Expo”.  Thanks to the coordinators of this epic arcade/pinball expo, we had another amazing weekend packed full of celebrity panels, events, and games.  I was able to participate in an 8 bit discussion panel, and hang out with none other than Billy Mitchell himself!  Check out this weeks podcast (which was done shortly after returning home), where Mike receives a special message from Billy, along with a recap of all the events I was able to attend.  Even though I live no further than 25 minutes from the actual event, we chose to stay at the Marriott the event was held at, and essentially all but forgot about sleep, as the events were scheduled all day and all night … we even got up early Saturday morning to watch some vintage Saturday morning cartoons.