Retro gaming and solid gears made of metal – Retro Jonez E.50

Podcast 50 is in the books and this we go for almost two hours covering pretty much everything.  In the first segment we discuss the Sega Game Gear and how you can win a Game Gear of your own, Nintendo vs. Sega, and Mario vs. Sonic.  In the second segment we move onto all things metal gear.  In the third segment we talk about the Nintendo NX, the digital future, retro gaming prices, and what collecting will look like years from now.

Giveaway – You can still enter to win the Sega Game Gear by submitting a story about your retro gaming memories.  Call us at 678.995.5103 or submit a story to  We discuss details in the opening segment.

Start – Sega Game Gear, Giveaway, Nintendo vs. Sega, Mario vs. Sonic
31:30 – Metal Gear
56:00  – Nintendo NX, retro collecting, gaming prices, digital future, game preservation