Big Week for Gamers – Retro Jonez E.11

This week we are all over the place.  Talking GTA 5, Mitch finished a stentilled Pacman and gives a Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded review.  Mike went hands on with the oculus rift. We also cover this weeks news, covering PS Vita TV and the Xbox One release date.

From Dookie to DK (Part 1)

Once again, I’ve decided to save a DK that was headed to the dump (I just can’t resist) Here’s the first installment of my restoration blog.

Week 1 of what I like to call – Dookie to DK.  This cabinet is probably one of the worst examples I’ve ever had to deal with – a few glaring problems:

  • Was disconnected from each side, literally collapsed
  • Have to recreate many of the edge that houses the t-molding – was a crappy press board version of the cabinet
  • Was a super lousy conversion from DKJR to MERCS

What I’ve done so far:

  • Reattached the sides
  • Applied three layers of bondo (need to recreate a good portion of the cabinet)
  • Removed sideart and stripped cabinet of all traces of MERCS conversion


  • Complete ground up restore – choosing to convert it to DK instead of DKJR

Included in the pics is the previous Dookie restore, previously the worst starting cabinet I’d dealt with, and the result.

Stenciled Pacman

Finally heading to the finish line w/this Pacman re-stencil. I’m always reminded how much I love doing this, and how much I am not super fond of doing it for other people.

I spent about 7 1/2 hours today fixing a stupid mistake that caught me off guard … last night I was feeling fantastic about the right side and front – just needed to finish the black on the left side. It turned out the humidity or some unforeseen factor screwed up the paint curing on the left side, and I ended up with incredibly crappy looking Pacman lettering (the most intricate part).

You live and you learn, after wasting an entire day fixing a mistake, this sucker is just about ready to go!

PS Vita TV – Game Changer?

You might have heard by now, but Sony announced a new device called PS Vita TV for Japan.  The core feature lets you play PS Vita game on your TV without owning a Vita and it comes in at a $99 price tag.

But, the feature I am most excited about is it’s ability to stream your PS4 to any TVs that habe this device hooked up.  This could be a complete game changer for consumers that want multiple PS4s but can’t justify the $400 price tag for each TV.  Specific details have not been released, but this device has huge potential.

Come One Come All – Retro Jonez E.10

This week we talk more about Microsoft’s mixed message. Mike landed a couple more retro games for the collection. Mitch started a new Pacman stenciled machine. What we love and hate about Madden 25.

Stream of Consciousness – Retro Jonez E.09

This week we went without breaks, which were just usually fart sounds. In place, instead of using skype for our primary recording, we have a make shift studio which should improve sound quality. We talk a little bit of everying, some GTA V, the arcade games we’ve been working on, retro games in general. As an added bonus we have a sound board, this week…you guessed it…was primarily farts.

This week we talk Retro and Game Values – Retro Jonez E.08

After a couple week break we are back. This week we barely touch on yet another Microsoft reversal. The rest of the show is all retro. I picked up a few retro games, Mitch lands another arcade, we find a super cool game value website, and also discuss the need for system sellers.

NES Ducktales Gold Limited Edition Release

Having just started in game blogging and podcasting I couldn’t be more jealous of the select media outlets that receive free gaming swag.  That was until yesterday when the jealousy skyrocketed to a new level after I caught hold of this article on Capcom re-issues NES DuckTales as an ultra-limited golden cartridge

It’s a limited release promotion package including a refurbished DuckTales NES game, refinshed with the classic gold carteridge paint, that comes in a DuckTales lunchbox with cut up fake money.

This is limited to 150 copies, which lead me to the same question on reader at ARS brought up; Will this be accesspted by collectors as an official release?

I am actually a bit torn on the answer.  Being that it was recently released, albiet in a very limited quantity, it doesn’t seem to have the appeal of scoring a 20+ year old game, even though technically it is. This is an offical capcom release, includes certificates of authenticity, and often times it seems that these kind of items are highly sought after years down the road since select few received them, and ultimately by chance.

I do consider it an official varient, but in the same breath, like I mentioned earlier, it doesn’t have the same appeal as an item from the days of the NES.

Mike’s Top 10 NES Games

Like Mitch noted in his personal Top 10, that’s exactly what this is, my personal top 10. These were games that pretty much sum up my days gaming on the NES.

10. Cobra Triangle

I’m not quite sure how I first came across this game, what I do know that many summer days were spent with friends trying to outscore each other. For those not familiar, you are a boat, with guns, that flies from river to river, you rescue drowning people from other boats with guns, some crazy UFO looking water contraption tries to blow you up with missiles, you fight a loch ness monster, the list goes on and on. It’s awesome.

9. T&C Surf Designs

Skateboarding and surfing, what’s not to love?Growing up in the Midwest, I have zero experience with surfing, the closest was maybe water skiing.Skateboarding on the other hand, it was one of my favorite hobbies. Anything that had skateboarding I had to play. The obvious choices for skateboard games were skate or die or 720, but the speed, the air, the obstacles, the gameplay in general, had me hooked.

I remember the day I bought T&C. I was at one of the first Funcoland locationss in MN. This location was in a small office space, with shelves on the wall lined with games. When I grabbed the T&C box, it caught the box next to it causing a chain reaction of NES boxes fall off the shelf like Dominos. I was probably 8 years old and now all these cool teenagers are looking at me like “who let this idiot in?.”

8. Mario 3

Not much to say on this one, often referred to as the greatest NES game ever, it took everything we loved about Mario and made it bigger, better and upped the visuals once again. The one thing I loved about Mario 3, was it actually let you interact with the world to an extent. Rather than being transported from level to level, the player gets to choose a path through the world as well.

7. Contra

Ummmm…..Contra…..what else needs to be said? Ummmm……Contra……! Like many other NES games, this was one that I could never beat without the extra lives code. We all know about the spread gun, it was the most amazing weapon in a video game EVER!!! Actually though, the one thing that always cracks me up was how pissed friends would get at each other from stealing lives. I used to do it all the time and act likely I accidently hit the button.

6. Mike Tyson’s Punch-out

Again, another game I was never able to beat. Come to think of it, I don’t know anyone who has. This game was flat out amazing. The game play was and still is some of the most addicting you will find. Was there anything funnier than punching King Hippo in the junk repeatedly? Nope.

5. Ice Hockey

This game was so damn fun, sure blades of steal was probably a better hockey game, but nothing was better than out scheming your opponent. Pick 3 skaters of 3 varieties, speed, balanced and fat, play hockey. Simple concept, awesome result.

4. Pinbot

You would be hard pressed to find anyone that would put Pinbot in there top 10, but for me it was pretty simple, it was a blast. Actually, playing pinbot with my mom was probably on of my favorite childhood memories. Say what?!?!?!? Gaming with your mom? Yep, she actually bought this game for herself, but the competitor in me could not let my mom be better at a video game than me. To this day, my mom can kick my ass at Pinbot.

3. Adventures in the Magic Kingdom

Quite honestly, I am not sure what it is about this game that I loved so much. When you think of Capcom games for the NES most think of Ducktales and Rescue Rangers. For me it was Magic Kingdom. I think what really drew me in was the top down driving missions.

2. Battle Toads

This game was just flat out awesome. Look I was addicted to Ninja Turtles as a kid, why not toads as well? This one can be summed up in the first sequence of events.

  • Beat the hell out of alien warthog
  • Beat the hell out of robot, steal robots leg
  • Beat the hell out of more wart hogs with robot leg
  • Beat the hell out of alien bird,
  • Throw rocks and mech warrior shooting rocks at you
  • Jump down a gigantic hole
  • Swing from side to side smashing alien crows


1. Micro Machines

This for me was a no brainer. I played this more than any other game on NES. The sense of speed, the top down gameplay, and one of the most addicting multiplayer modes on the NES are all reasons this is my hands down number 1. All the places in which one would want to have sex, you race micro machines. Kitchen table, pool table, bath tub, beach, if you can have sex on it, you can race micro machines on it, the concept is pretty simple.

Honorable Mentions – Dr. Mario, Mario 2, Yo Noid!, RC Pro Am, Ice Climbers