18CAN – Headphones, Headsets and Mic Combinations

On this episode I wanted to take a look at most of the headphones I have used and give an overview on how they work for gaming.    I know I left out some great brands and options, Beyerdynamics, Steel Series, Logitech to name a few.  I didn’t include them because I didn’t have an experience with them.  That said hopefully the conversation will help decide on the type or style of headphone you are looking for.

Here are the headsets/headphones I will discuss today.

Xbox Stereo Headset
Sony Wireless Gold
Sony MD-VR6
Sony MD-7506
Sennheiser HD Pro 280
Sennheiser HD Pro 380
Audio Technica m50x
Beats Solo
Bears Studio
Sennheiser Momentum
Bose SoundTrue
Sennheiser HD 518
Sennheiser HD 558
Sennheiser HD 598
Sennheiser PC 363D
Astro A40
Astro A50
Mod Mic

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