Halo marathon three: Crouch on their faces repeatedly

Captain Keys managed to get kidnapped in the most confusingly designed cruiser in the Covenant army, and the Chief(s) set out to retrieve him. Mike tries out the invisibility cloak twice but insists he doesn’t need it, which he demonstrates that soundly by waking up all the grunts. No matter, we’re the Master Chiefs. We have some fun with the Needler and finally escort our helpless captain to safety. Luckily he did not walk in front of our rifles this time and shoot at us for the rest of the level. Seriously Captain Keys, sometimes you suck all the dicks.

Join us as I tea-bag a Hunter, Mike melees everything he sees (including me), and we harm so many Grunts in the making of this video. Their ship’s hallways may be confusing, but they sure make for some wonderful choke points.