From Dookie to DK (Part 3)

Part 3 of 3 – My DK restoration…and the results are in!

Took a bit of work, but added brand new pretty much everything.

You are gonna love the pic of the control panel after the MERCS conversion – worst thing I’ve ever seen. I ended up just cutting a new control panel and routing the front for T molding – saved myself a bunch of unnecessary work and money with bondo.  Overall, this project wasn’t too terribly demanding after you get the bondo and base coats on.  Just make sure to scuff the vinyl surface, and are careful to buy primer that will work with non porous materials when you do one of these guys, or you may end up with a deep scratch by simply looking at it wrong.

Hope you enjoyed following the blogs, feel free to shoot me an e-mail with any questions you might have

  • Created new control panel, from the worst example I’ll probably ever see from a conversion.
  • Added new marquee, bezel, and control panel overlay from (only place I know of w/repro DK stuff)
  • Applied brand new side art
  • Added brand new T Molding