From Dookie to Dk (Part 2)

Part 2 of my 3 part restoration blog – Full speed ahead converting this Dookie Kong Jr into a DK.

Yeah I know, it was originally a DKJR (which was poorly converted to MERCS) but this sucker is on it’s way to being a DK.  A large portion of the sides and t-molding area has been fully reconstructed with bondo – physically, it’s starting to look respectable (which is a miracle).  It’s important to note that the original vinyl on Nintendo cabinets in non-porous, and it’s important to use a suitable primer (check the label to make sure)

What I’ve done this week:

  • Finished Bondo Job
  • Re-routed the t-molding groove
  • Fully primed/sanded/primed/sanded/primed/sanded the entire body
  • Finished reattaching the rest of the cabinet
  • Refinished all hardware
  • Covered mystery hole in coin door w/thin metal sheeting
  • Painted 2 coats of black, and 2 coats of blue

What’s Left Cosmetically:

  • Apply new side art
  • Refinish control panel (bondo swiss cheese from MERCS configuration)
  • Install all new Bezel, CPO, and Marquee
  • Reinforce base boards

Hope you enjoy following the progress – the most important thing in restoring anything is patience, without it, you will make a ton of mistakes. Back next week for the final chapter!