From Dookie to DK (Part 1)

Once again, I’ve decided to save a DK that was headed to the dump (I just can’t resist) Here’s the first installment of my restoration blog.

Week 1 of what I like to call – Dookie to DK.  This cabinet is probably one of the worst examples I’ve ever had to deal with – a few glaring problems:

  • Was disconnected from each side, literally collapsed
  • Have to recreate many of the edge that houses the t-molding – was a crappy press board version of the cabinet
  • Was a super lousy conversion from DKJR to MERCS

What I’ve done so far:

  • Reattached the sides
  • Applied three layers of bondo (need to recreate a good portion of the cabinet)
  • Removed sideart and stripped cabinet of all traces of MERCS conversion


  • Complete ground up restore – choosing to convert it to DK instead of DKJR

Included in the pics is the previous Dookie restore, previously the worst starting cabinet I’d dealt with, and the result.