Destiny’s biggest shortcoming is its elitist community

“Experienced players only”, “Level 300 required”, Bungies changes to the leveling system hasn’t stopped the community from creating an experience floor, locking players out of content. Since the release of The Taken King, Destiny has found itself back in the good graces of the gaming community and for the most part the general gaming populous. Bungie has made the necessary changes to gameplay that not only enhances what was already a fun shooter, but create story lines that make sense as well as creating a loot system that rewards players with a steady progression as they play the game. Destiny players biggest complaint was the light level system often locked players out of the game’s best content, the raids. The difference between a level 33 and 34 used to have dramatic effect on a players ability to compete in raids or the weekly nightfall content. Participation in these events is required because it provides you with the loot drops (armor, gear) that is most desirable in the game, so of course when a person gets to the recommended light level, they will want to participate in these events. According to Bungie’s in game light level recommendations if you are at the recommended light level you should be qualified to compete, unless the Destiny community has its say.

There are many websites that allow Destiny players to find players looking to complete the same objectives of them, as long as you already have experience with the quest, raid, or bounty you are trying to complete. For example, Destiny has now introduced exotic quests and hidden missions to acquire exotic weapons. One of these weapons is the black spindle, this mission is hidden within one of the daily heroic story missions and pops up randomly. When searching for a team to complete this mission, it become almost impossible to find a group to run with because everyone wants experienced players with light level 300+. But unfortunately there are people that can’t reach light level 300 because they can’t find groups that will run raids and missions with them, so they can’t get the experience that will drop the gear to get to 300. This isn’t a problem with the game; this is a problem with the community.

When I first picked up The Taken King, I couldn’t have been more impressed; the game played better, felt better, and is an overall better experience. I have 3 characters and close to 300 hours into the game, and even though leveling up in the vanilla game and it’s DLC’s were a huge grind I found myself enjoying the experience because of the players I met through these match making websites. Even when Gjallerhorn was the weapon of choice when I didn’t have it, I was still able to find my role in fireteams and successfully complete raid and nightfall’s with groups. Fast forward to my current light level and my experience post Taken King launch. I am now at level 294; time and time again I tried to find groups to run the raid. After a week of trying at a 290+ light level I was able to find a group of people that hadn’t run it before. I was able to get to Oryx with this group, but had to bow out for other obligations. Since that run, I haven’t been able to find another group to run it fresh again. The same applies to trying to get the Black Spindle; everyone wants experienced 300+ players.

I can understand the need and want to run with experienced players after completing the raid. Players want run efficiently and as quickly as possible, but it’s still possible to do this even if you have some unexperienced lower level players on your team. In my opinion what made Destiny great in the vanilla game and its subsequent expansions was the communities willingness to assist other players, it was a group effort in which we wanted each other to succeed, almost to protest against the bad reviews the game continued to receive. In year two, reviews are positive, players are engaged, the game is better, but I can’t help but feel the community has taken a step backwards.


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