RJ82 – Pinball, Vita, Retro and a tiny bit of Pokémon

On this episode we discuss Mitch’s week in pinball and arcade collecting, Mike admits to taking Pokémon Go for a spin, Playstation Vita, and some other random stuff.

CAN38 – Microsoft Xbox One S

This episode Mike discusses the Microsoft Xbox One S and where it fits in the market.  It might not be for gamers, but it’s an opportunity for Microsoft to rebrand the Xbox One and target the inevitable 4K rush this holiday season.

CAN37 – Console Wars Perspective: Business v. Consumer

The term console wars has become nails on the chalkboard for those that don’t care where people game, yet it continues to be a term thrown around in comments sections and message boards as a short sighted way to show allegiance to a brand.

In this episode I cover why the console wars at a competitive business level is good for gaming, while discussing why it’s still a stupid conversation for consumers arguing that the way they spent their money is better than someone else.

It’s possible that the console wars can exist at a level that is good for gamers; if gamers stopped caring about brand allegiance and started caring about games again.

RJ81 – Ghostbusters Ate My Nintendo Pinball

This week we cover a ton of topics including; Nintendo PlayStation teardown, N64 20th anniversary, Ghostbusters Pinball, Sega Game Gear and Majesco remakes, the mini Nintendo, and Mitch’s Whirlwind Pinball restore and pinball collecting in general.

CAN36 – Xbox Scorpio and Upgrade Programs

This episode of Cereal at Night Mike is talking about the Xbox Scorpio, PlayStation Neo, potential upgrade programs and iterative console releases in general.

RJ80 – Virtual Reality and Console Wars with Blake J. Harris

This week we have a very special guest, Blake J. Harris. Blake is the author of Consoles Wars and has and upcoming book about the virtual reality revolution entitled The History of the Future will release in May of 2017.  We discuss both in detail on this episode of Retro Jonez.
Start – Introduction, Console Wars, Sega, Nintendo
37:00 –  Virtual Reality, The History of the Future