RJ75 – This thing we call Retro

This week we start off with updates on what we’ve been playing and our collecting wins for the week. We then move on to a common show topic; what is retro? We discuss Uncharted and Mike’s problems with the game.  We close the gaming conversation with some more Sega Master System and Atari talk.  If you want to stick around for another 45 minutes we talk music.

Start – 36:00 – 3DS, Sega Master System, What is Retro

36:00 – 55:00 Uncharted 4

55:00 – 1:14:00 – Some more retro talk, SMS, Atari

1:14:00 to End – Music conversation

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CAN32 – Uncharted, Xbox Scorpio, PS Neo

On this episode of Cereal at Night I wanted to clarify my thoughts and opinions about Uncharted 4.  It’s not that I think it’s a bad game, I just didn’t have as much fun with it as the previous installments.

In the second half of the show I once again discuss iterative console releases; specifically the details surrounding the Xbox Scorpio and the PlayStation Neo. I will then dive into what I think this means for gaming and where I will spend my money.

Also discussed, the Nvidia GTX 1080, Sennheiser Headphones and Sim Racing Cockpits and Wheels.

RJ74 – Sega Master System and Uncharted 4 (bore)

This week we discuss Sega Master System collecting, why the SMS didn’t catch on in the US, Uncharted 4, and then we move into our “get to know us” section.

Start – 48:00: Sega Master System Collecting

48:00 – 1:14:00: Uncharted 4

1:14:00 – End: Conversation

RJ72 – Ain’t Nothing But a Retro Party

This week we start out with the Southern Fried Gameroom Expo, move on to game collecting and value inflation, then it’s onto handhelds.  We finish up the show with some random conversation about music and are just mostly having a good time.

RJ71 – Collectors are so serious, and porn

Retro Jonez is back and this week we cover a variety topics. First up is our rekindled love for handhelds including the Vita and 3DS.  Next we roll into some brief arcade conversation.  Third segment we roll into collecting, a pile of NES events stadium events were uncovered, but some of the same people being champions for the selling of these cartridges are arguing the point they champion. Fourth segment, PORN.

Start – 41:00 – Handhelds, 3DS and the Vita
41:00 – Retro Collecting, Cornering Markets and Stadium Events
1:19:00 – The framemeister, it’s not that great, think about it
1:35:00 – Porn