CAN27 – Destiny April Update #1

Bungie kicked off it’s live stream countdown to the April update this past Wednesday. Check out my reactions and impressions in this episode.

We are getting a 335 light cap, a new strike, a new quest line, new gear and new weapons.

CAN26 – Destiny, Virtual Reality, and Resolution on Console

This episode I give quick debriefing on VR as it sits today, discuss why I continue to be excited about Destiny, and why arguing about resolution on consoles has led us all to an iterative release cycle.


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CAN25 – The Division, Gears 4, 4k and Console Iterations

On this episode I talk about my initial impression of The Division and how I think it will hold of for the long term.  I will cover my thoughts on Sony announcing they are also exploring iterative console releases, and event threw out the idea of 4k as a possibility.  Then I will discuss the ridiculous arguing over the Gears of War framerate.