TURTLE Power and Sega Master System – Retro Jonez E.61

This week we are all in on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Games(TMNT), in the second segment we go deep into the best and worst of the master system, and as an added bonus at 1:12 we will rap the entire TURTLE Power song from Partners in Kryme.
Start – TMNT – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles games
32:00 – Sega Master System – SMS – The best and worst of the system
1:12:00 – TURTLE Power

Blacklisting, Click Bait Accusations, and Review Score Criteria – Cereal at Night E.08

This week in gaming, Kotaku.com reveals they have ben blacklisted by Ubisoft and Bethesda, the Patch Podcast goes after Jeff Gerstmann of Giant Bomb, and both of these conversations speak to a larger discussion about how websites and consumers comprehend scores and in most cases argue about them.

A Serious Talk About Nintendo’s Future – Retro Jonez E.60

As huge fans of Nintendo we decided to have a serious talk about the Nintendo NX and Nintendo’s future in general.  As passionate gamers who grew up with Nintendo games we have some pretty strong opinions on what Nintendo, could, should and can do to win gamers over.

SupaBoy, Nomad, SNES and Sega – Retro Jonez E.59

This week is a bit of a shorter episode, but we do get in some good discussion around Mitch’s more in-depth SupaBoy impressions, Sega Nomad, and the cases Sega games came in and the cardboard Nintendo alternative.

Physical v. Digital, and Racing Sim Setups – Cereal at Night E.06

On this episode of Cereal at Night MIke discusses his opinion on Physical v. Digital media and the pros and cons of each. In the second segment he goes into some details on his new racing sim setup and how it compares to his old hardware.

Start – Physical v. Digital media distribution
18:00 – Sim Racing, Playseat v. Obutto Ozone, Thrustmaster TX, TH8A Shifter, T3PA Pro pedals, Logitech G27

Retro handhelds, VR, and some racing seat updates – Retro Jonez E.58

Start – Extra Life Fundraiser http://www.extra-life.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.participant&participantID=140589
2:50 – Hyperkin SupaBoy, Sega Nomad
23:00 – Mike basement kurfuffle
31:50 – Virtual Reality, Oculus, Playstation VR
52:30 – Tour of retro gaming store
55:00 – Dragons Lair

Hyperkin Super Nintendo Supaboy Version 2 First Look and Impressions

This is an initial look at my new SupaBoy by Hyperkin – adding in some pros and cons – overall super cool and inexpensive way to play portable SNES games.  Overall this system is well worth the money, it might feel a bit budget but the value for the money is well worth the cost of entry.  If you are looking for a way to play your SNES games on the go look no further than the SupaBoy.