Sega Master System, SNES, Game Gear Giveaway – Retro Jonez E.53

This week we finally announce our winner in the Sega Game Gear giveaway, but before doing that we cover a plethora of topics.  First we give an update on where we are with our Sega Master System collections, then we move onto the Super Nintendo, from there we talk about the health of current generation gaming and comments from Phil Spencer, and then we close the show with a phone call and the Sega Game Gear giveaway.

Start – Sega Master System collection update.
26:00 – Mitch’s Goodwill purchase
34:00 – Super Nintendo
41:00 – Console gaming wars
54:00 – Sega Game Gear giveaway

Mario Maker, Sega Game Gear, Master System, Retro Collecting – Retro Jonez E. 52

This week on episode number 52 of the Retro Jonez podcast Mitch and Mike go back and forth on a variety of topics.
Start – Sega Game Gear Giveaway
2:20 – Metal Gear Solid Retro Discussion
12:15 – Sega Game Gear LCD mods and collecting
19:00 – Mario Maker on Wii-u
35:00 – Sega Master System collection update – A new Holy Grail
56:00 – We discuss collecting in general and do emulators have a place
1:15:00 – Forza 6 and racing hardware

Destiny The Taken King impressions so far – Cereal at Night E.03

In the first segment Mike joins me to discuss our early impressions of The Taken King, some of our year one memories, and what we are looking forward too and expecting in year 2.  In the second segment I talk about the story so far, how the cinematics and story telling works, and my new opinions on Nolan North’s performance of Ghost.

Forza 6, Xbox one racing wheels – Cereal at Night E.02

For the third installment of the Cereal at Night podcast we talk about Forza 6, and then Mike discusses options for taking your racing experience to the next level. Continue reading “Forza 6, Xbox one racing wheels – Cereal at Night E.02”

Deodorant is a must have for gaming – Retro Jonez E.51

This week jump into Super Nintendo, Sega Game Gear, favorite gaming moments from our listeners and Forza 6.

Start – Super Nintendo
25:35 – Sega Game Gear giveaway and some of our voicemail and e-mail entries.  Gift receiving, system purchases and the lowest common denominator.
54:20 – Forza 6

Destiny 2.0 Impressions, Dinklegate – Cereal at Night E.01

In the first segment Mike and Mike talk about Dinklebot v. Northbot, yes, that is a thing now, and rightly so in our opinion.  In the second segment, Mike number 1 gets hands on with Destiny 2.0 and gives in game impressions of the new Ghost performance and the new overhauled interface and leveling.

Retro gaming and solid gears made of metal – Retro Jonez E.50

Podcast 50 is in the books and this we go for almost two hours covering pretty much everything.  In the first segment we discuss the Sega Game Gear and how you can win a Game Gear of your own, Nintendo vs. Sega, and Mario vs. Sonic.  In the second segment we move onto all things metal gear.  In the third segment we talk about the Nintendo NX, the digital future, retro gaming prices, and what collecting will look like years from now.

Giveaway – You can still enter to win the Sega Game Gear by submitting a story about your retro gaming memories.  Call us at 678.995.5103 or submit a story to  We discuss details in the opening segment.

Start – Sega Game Gear, Giveaway, Nintendo vs. Sega, Mario vs. Sonic
31:30 – Metal Gear
56:00  – Nintendo NX, retro collecting, gaming prices, digital future, game preservation