Sports, Sports…and Sports – Retro Jonez E.49

What better week to talk about sports than Madden week?  We talk about our favorite sports games, your favorite sports games, our favorite types of sports games, and why we don’t think football makes a particularly good video game. The entire episode is dedicated to sports games new and old.

Games Discussed

Madden, NHL Hitz, NFL Blitz, NBA Jam, NBA Street, NCAA Basketball, Tony Hawk, Mike Tyson, NFL 2k5, MVP Baseball 2005, RBI Baseball, Tiger Woods, NES Golf, NES Ice Hockey, Virtua Tennis, Birdie King, Hat Trick

Destiny Taken King Reactions, Madden 16 and more – Retro Jonez Special Episode

This week Mike is tackling the show solo and will cover a variety of topics including his reactions to the Destiny Taken King Reveal, Madden NFL 16, upcoming 2015 releases, his current podcast playlist and podcasts he will miss.
Start – Destiny Taken King
29:40 – Listener E-mail, what games are we(Mike) looking forward to most.
40:00 – Madden 16 Initial Impressions
51:25 – One of Mikes favorite podcasts calls it quits, he discusses his current podcast playlist.

Arcade ports, do graphics make a port? – Retro Jonez E.48

We talk about our Sega Game Gear giveaway, we talk more Sega Game Gear, we then move on to the question of the week, and finish up with Mike’s modern gaming evolution.

– Start – Game Gear Giveaway
– 31:40 – Question of the week | Which retro arcade port was your favorite? Which was the worst? TMNT, RBI Baseball, Street Fighter, Food Fight, Pacman, Virtua Racing,Daytona USA
– 55:40 – Current generation console gaming

The convincing failures of our youth – Retro Jonez E.47

This we announce a giveaway to win a fully functional and fully modified Game Gear with LED back-lighting and  restored audio capacitors. The first half of the show we discuss Rare Replay and the Sega Game Gear. The second half of the show we cover our twitter question of the week, “What terrible games were you in total denial about that you first bought them?”

– Start – Sega Game Gear, Rare Replay on Xbox One
– 37:00 – Our Game Gear Giveaway
– 44:30 – Question of the week.

Arcades games, it’s all arcades – Retro Jonez E.46

This week we asked our Twitter followers, “what is your favorite arcade game of all time?”  We had a huge response and tried to cover everyone’s favorites.

– The Simpsons
– Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arcade TMNT
– Bump ‘n Jump
– Pole Position
– Mortal Kombat
– Power Drift
– 720
– Track and Field
– Street Fighter
– Joust
– Crazy Taxi
– X-men
– NBA Jam
– Donkey Kong and DK Jr.
– Ms. Pacman
– Pacman