Spine Punches for Everyone – Retro Jonez E.45

This week we talk a bunch of Game Gear, Pixels the movie, Billy Mitchell, where our collections go from here, and some video game stories from yesteryear’s.

Start – Sega Game Gear collecting

18:40 – Pixels, the Adam Sandler Joint, Billy Mitchell inspirations and our early thoughts.

33:50 – Where our gaming collections go next, Sega, Game Gear, Genesis, SNES

47:00 – A couple nostalgic Mitch and Mike retro gaming moments growing up


Arcades and Mobile Retro Gaming – Retro Jonez E.44

This week we talk retro mobile gaming and collecting; some of our memories with the Sega Game Gear and Nintendo Game Boy.  We talk some arcade games and finish it up with our twitter question of the week.

Start – Arcade warehouse raid, Nintendo Vs Cabinet

15:30 – Mobile retro gaming and collection with the game gear and the gameboy.  Plus some gener retro collecting thoughts.

45:45 – Twitter question conversation, what is or was the most valuable game in your collection, we discuss.

We vue the future…of… – Retro Jonez E.43

Big news in gaming this week; the unfortunate passing of Satoru Iwata.  We also talk sega master sytem, playstation vue and on-demand television, and the state of podcasts and internet media.

Start – Sega Master System

37:30 – Playstation Vue, On-demand TV

57:10 – Satoru Iwata, the President of Nintendo, dies at age 55

1:07:30 – The state of podcasts and Patreon.


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Super Mega Championship Podcast of the Year Limited Preorder Edition – Retro Jonez E.42

This week we are all over the board.

Start – We played Guacamelee and discuss retro video games ties to new platformers

13:00 – Pinballs!!!!  Flash Gordon!!!!

24:00 –  Nintendo/Sony Playstation/Snes

37:00 – Bunch of random stuff, arcade, pc, restoration