Nintendo’s old tricks – Retro Jonez E.36

Mike is giving up on Nintendo…same Nintendo Tricks, different century. We also talk more Sega Master System collecting,  nd Mitch’s first couple weeks with the Oculus Rift.  We went two hours to make up for the weeks we missed.

  • Sega Master System: Start
  • Nintendo Manufactured Demand: 29:00
  • Oculus Rift and PC Gaming:59:00

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Dick Tracy – Sega Master System – Review

Dick Tracy on the Sega Master System is repetitive, but still remains fun and addictive.  It’s certainly not up to par with it’s NES counterpart, but that doesn’t mean this release isn’t worth a play through.  It offers side scrolling fighting mechanics with an innovative way to attack enemies from other areas of the level, IE; across the street.  The graphics are good, the audio is good, and the game is good. 3.5/5.