How to…and what not to do: Swapping your PS4 controller housing

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This week I decided that the black back of my urban camo PS4 controller would look better on the white. After watching a couple other youtube video’s I decided to jump right in. This video will show what to do, and what not to do when swapping out your controller housing. If done correctly you can do this in under ten minutes. Enjoy the results, and probably more, the mishaps. I would like to highlight the what not to do. Do NOT pull the ribbon from the controller base like I did. Just unplug the bottom housing from the board by removing the ribbon from the connector…WAY EASIER!!!!!

Xbox One – Sunset Overdrive – White Console Unboxing

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Just picked up the Sunset Overdrive Xbox One bundle and wanted to to do a quick unboxing. I apologize I didn’t have my tripod setup for this one. Overall very impressed with the white console and controller; it looks awesome.

Tour O’ Twin Cities – Retro Jonez E.27

What’s this you say?  Mike and Mitch recorded a podcast in the same room?  Yep, we sure did, and it was a flatulent experience. Mitch was in Minneapolis for the weekend and we hit up 5 retro game stores, played a ton of games and have a bunch of feedback from our epic gaming weekend.  We cover our gaming finds, our gaming setups, and opinions on retro and modern systems through out.  This is a special episode: episode 27.

Columns – Sega Master System Marathon

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Our Sega Master System marathon continues with Columns. Colorful? Yes. Fun to play? Meh. Addicting? No. It’s hard to separate from Tetris when playing columns, the entire time I played columns it felt a bit wasted since I could be playing Tetris instead. That said, it’s a must play, if only to experience the history and comparison behind the consoles wars, and games that were meant to compete with each other.