Aztec Adventure – Sega Master System – Review is back again, we are keeping the sega master system train rolling.  This week we are showing Aztec Adventure.  You play the character of Nino, and you are looking for treasure.  It seemed to have potential for fun, but it just wasn’t.

Astro Warrior – Sega Master System – Review

Review of Sega’s vertical scrolling space shooter Astro Warriror. Part of ‘s Sega Master System A-Z marathon

From the box (punctuation and all):
Astro Warrior pits you against the enemy’s fleet of superpowered spaceships. And ultimately, the invincible Master Ship.
In this treacherous black universe you can only count on yourself. To shoot fast. To shoot straight. If you do — you get more power. More weapons. To beat the villains. To beat the odds.
If you don’t — the odds beat you.

Nintendo, Sega and Farts, Oh my – Retro Jonez E.20

On this weeks episode we hit on wide variety of topics.

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  • 5:00 – Twitter winner announced
  • 6:30 – Tengen/Sega’s Nintendo port Discussion
  • 22:00 – Quick Sega Genesis/SNES discussion
  • 29:00 – (Nintendo) Retro/Modern Discussion
  • 46:50 – What is Retro discussion?

Alf – Sega Master System – Review

This game is boring and frustrating. I wish I had something good to say about it but I don’t. 1.5 of 5.

From the box – “America’s favorite bad boy alien has a mission: Get to Mars where his friends Skip and Rhonda are waiting. But his spaceship is broken and the Alien Task Force is hot on his trail! The Alfer isn’t about to grow wings so the ship must be fixed. Can you do it? No problem. You’re the Alfer!”