Game of the week: Rock ‘n’ Roll Racing (Review)

Thought RC PRO AM was cool on the NES?  Ever think it could get better?  Add Rock n Roll, nice graphics, and a snarky announcer, and you get Rock n Roll Racing – one of the greatest mostly unheralded games to come out for the SNES and Genesis/Mega Drive.

Aerial Assault – Sega Master System – Review

We are continuing our Sega Master System marathon with Arial Assault. I won’t lie, first time playing I was quite frustrated but after advancing that game became really addictive. Also, I think it’s one of the better looking 2d side scrolling shooters of the past.

Sega Master System: The Marathon

For the next 125 weeks Mitch and myself will be trying to purchase, play and provide a video review of every US release sega master system game.  We are starting with ‘A’ and will post at least one a week as we move through the list.  Mitch already purchased and recorded Action Fighter which will be posted tomorrow.  I will be moving on to Aerial Assault that will post by Saturday at the latest.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Arcade)

This was my all time favorite game as a kid, I literally think I spent 90% if not 100 of my total life’s allowance on this game.  TMNT The Arcade Game for NES was the first game I ever bought with my own money.  Leave a comment and fill in the favorites below –


First time playing: 8 years old

Favorite Turtle: Donatello in this game (Raphael otherwise)

Favorite Level: How could it not be the skateboarding level?

Favorite bad guy: General Traag

Favorite Random Moment: Assaulting the girl on the skateboard in level 2

Favorite Cut Scene: The turtle van crashing off the bridge

Baby Pacman Playfield Restoration Final (Part 2 of 2)

Here’s the final turnout of the restored Baby Pacman playfield – new mylar overlay, new plastics, refurbed all screws and metal parts, new spinner decals. Essentially brand new.

Correction: Was that repro’d the plastics, not Arcadeshop

A Retro Gaming Definition Discussion – Retro Jonez E.16

This week we catch up on our latest retro gaming developments, take a segment to focus on the Sega Master System, and then spend the last half of the show discussing retro gaming and how its defined by us and possibly other generations of gamer.