Big Week for Gamers – Retro Jonez E.11

This week we are all over the place.  Talking GTA 5, Mitch finished a stentilled Pacman and gives a Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded review.  Mike went hands on with the oculus rift. We also cover this weeks news, covering PS Vita TV and the Xbox One release date.

From Dookie to DK (Part 1)

Once again, I’ve decided to save a DK that was headed to the dump (I just can’t resist) Here’s the first installment of my restoration blog.

Week 1 of what I like to call – Dookie to DK.  This cabinet is probably one of the worst examples I’ve ever had to deal with – a few glaring problems:

  • Was disconnected from each side, literally collapsed
  • Have to recreate many of the edge that houses the t-molding – was a crappy press board version of the cabinet
  • Was a super lousy conversion from DKJR to MERCS

What I’ve done so far:

  • Reattached the sides
  • Applied three layers of bondo (need to recreate a good portion of the cabinet)
  • Removed sideart and stripped cabinet of all traces of MERCS conversion


  • Complete ground up restore – choosing to convert it to DK instead of DKJR

Included in the pics is the previous Dookie restore, previously the worst starting cabinet I’d dealt with, and the result.

Stenciled Pacman

Finally heading to the finish line w/this Pacman re-stencil. I’m always reminded how much I love doing this, and how much I am not super fond of doing it for other people.

I spent about 7 1/2 hours today fixing a stupid mistake that caught me off guard … last night I was feeling fantastic about the right side and front – just needed to finish the black on the left side. It turned out the humidity or some unforeseen factor screwed up the paint curing on the left side, and I ended up with incredibly crappy looking Pacman lettering (the most intricate part).

You live and you learn, after wasting an entire day fixing a mistake, this sucker is just about ready to go!

PS Vita TV – Game Changer?

You might have heard by now, but Sony announced a new device called PS Vita TV for Japan.  The core feature lets you play PS Vita game on your TV without owning a Vita and it comes in at a $99 price tag.

But, the feature I am most excited about is it’s ability to stream your PS4 to any TVs that habe this device hooked up.  This could be a complete game changer for consumers that want multiple PS4s but can’t justify the $400 price tag for each TV.  Specific details have not been released, but this device has huge potential.

Come One Come All – Retro Jonez E.10

This week we talk more about Microsoft’s mixed message. Mike landed a couple more retro games for the collection. Mitch started a new Pacman stenciled machine. What we love and hate about Madden 25.