Stream of Consciousness – Retro Jonez E.09

This week we went without breaks, which were just usually fart sounds. In place, instead of using skype for our primary recording, we have a make shift studio which should improve sound quality. We talk a little bit of everying, some GTA V, the arcade games we’ve been working on, retro games in general. As an added bonus we have a sound board, this week…you guessed it…was primarily farts.

This week we talk Retro and Game Values – Retro Jonez E.08

After a couple week break we are back. This week we barely touch on yet another Microsoft reversal. The rest of the show is all retro. I picked up a few retro games, Mitch lands another arcade, we find a super cool game value website, and also discuss the need for system sellers.

NES Ducktales Gold Limited Edition Release

Having just started in game blogging and podcasting I couldn’t be more jealous of the select media outlets that receive free gaming swag.  That was until yesterday when the jealousy skyrocketed to a new level after I caught hold of this article on Capcom re-issues NES DuckTales as an ultra-limited golden cartridge

It’s a limited release promotion package including a refurbished DuckTales NES game, refinshed with the classic gold carteridge paint, that comes in a DuckTales lunchbox with cut up fake money.

This is limited to 150 copies, which lead me to the same question on reader at ARS brought up; Will this be accesspted by collectors as an official release?

I am actually a bit torn on the answer.  Being that it was recently released, albiet in a very limited quantity, it doesn’t seem to have the appeal of scoring a 20+ year old game, even though technically it is. This is an offical capcom release, includes certificates of authenticity, and often times it seems that these kind of items are highly sought after years down the road since select few received them, and ultimately by chance.

I do consider it an official varient, but in the same breath, like I mentioned earlier, it doesn’t have the same appeal as an item from the days of the NES.