Thrustmaster T3PA Pro Pedal Modification – Accelerator and Clutch

I love my T3PA pedals, but when I received them I realized that because they work in both floor mounted and suspended mode that the clutch and accelerator have the same tension and it wasn’t quite enough for a good sim feel.  Wanting a bit more resistance on the accelerator I set out to find an inexpensive easy mod.  This is what I came up with.  You will need a second spring and a washer. The second spring will go around the spring that is already in place.  This is probably a bit heavy for a spring for the realist feel, but it’s much better than basically zero resitance on the stock spring. This is the spring I used.  But you can certainly try others.;jsessionid=CDD3860F07D5A072B15D6ADDEE994760.tndm-prodapp1-external-mcom

Sennheiser PC 363D Review

I picked up the Sennheiser PC 363D 7.2 virtual surround sound headset, and despite loving most Sennheiser products I don’t think this one lives up to the name. I will do a few comparisons to other Sennheiser headphones and the Gen 1 Astro A50, although this is not a 363D v. A50 comparison.