When Billy Mitchell strikes…!!!! – Retro Jonez E.22

This week we talk about Mitch’s big win at the Southern Fried Gaming Expo, Sega Master System Blue labels, our weekly scores, and how you could win your very own Master System by contributing to the show, either through http://speakpipe.com/retrogamefix, or by leaving us a message at 678.995.5103.  Listen to the podcast for details.

Garage Sales and Games, Arcades and Events – Retro Jonez E.21

  • Open – Mike lands James Buster Douglas on SMS, Mitch looks for Alf
  • 19:30 – …more retro gaming purchases
  • 34:30 – Southern Fried Gameroom Expo
  • 29:00 – Some modern talk – WiiU
  • 51:30 – Console Wars by Blake J. Harris


Nintendo, Sega and Farts, Oh my – Retro Jonez E.20

On this weeks episode we hit on wide variety of topics.

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  • 5:00 – Twitter winner announced
  • 6:30 – Tengen/Sega’s Nintendo port Discussion
  • 22:00 – Quick Sega Genesis/SNES discussion
  • 29:00 – (Nintendo) Retro/Modern Discussion
  • 46:50 – What is Retro discussion?

ET, Master System and Gameboy – Retro Jonez E.19

On this edition of the podcast we discuss our thoughts on the ET landfill dig,  how we remember handheld gaming of yesterday, continue our master system hourney, and loosely discuss the Donkey Kong family tree.  Also, we have have two giveaways this week, ET for the Atari, and if we get 20 retweets, we will give away a tetris as well.  Two lucky winners and all you need to do is retweet the podcast, and include the hashtag, to be randomly selected.  #rgfwin

A Retro Gaming Definition Discussion – Retro Jonez E.16

This week we catch up on our latest retro gaming developments, take a segment to focus on the Sega Master System, and then spend the last half of the show discussing retro gaming and how its defined by us and possibly other generations of gamer.

What is Retro? PS4 launched! – Retro Jonez E.14

This week we went deep into a lot of different topics, specifically what is retro gaming and what is a gamer.  Other show hightlights include the launch of PS4, a Donkey Kong event, Tetris and more….