What is Retro? PS4 launched! – Retro Jonez E.14

This week we went deep into a lot of different topics, specifically what is retro gaming and what is a gamer.  Other show hightlights include the launch of PS4, a Donkey Kong event, Tetris and more….

Steambox, Retro Updates, GTA V – Retro Jonez E.12

After a few week hiatus we are back.  I got really sick so that was most of the reason.  In the meantime Valve announced plans to take over your living room.  Mitch finished his Donkey Kong project and GTA V launched.

Big Week for Gamers – Retro Jonez E.11

This week we are all over the place.  Talking GTA 5, Mitch finished a stentilled Pacman and gives a Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded review.  Mike went hands on with the oculus rift. We also cover this weeks news, covering PS Vita TV and the Xbox One release date.

Come One Come All – Retro Jonez E.10

This week we talk more about Microsoft’s mixed message. Mike landed a couple more retro games for the collection. Mitch started a new Pacman stenciled machine. What we love and hate about Madden 25.

Stream of Consciousness – Retro Jonez E.09

This week we went without breaks, which were just usually fart sounds. In place, instead of using skype for our primary recording, we have a make shift studio which should improve sound quality. We talk a little bit of everying, some GTA V, the arcade games we’ve been working on, retro games in general. As an added bonus we have a sound board, this week…you guessed it…was primarily farts.

This week we talk Retro and Game Values – Retro Jonez E.08

After a couple week break we are back. This week we barely touch on yet another Microsoft reversal. The rest of the show is all retro. I picked up a few retro games, Mitch lands another arcade, we find a super cool game value website, and also discuss the need for system sellers.

Mitch reviews his top 10 and NES game development. – Retro Jonez E.06

In this weeks episode Mitch will details his top 10 NES games evAR! We discuss more news out of the microsoft camp, and we have some ideas for a new NES game.