More Nintendo Switch, It’s so good – Retro Jonez E.110

Start – It’s all positivity

Nintendo Switch – This is NextGen

Zelda Breath of the Wild

HD Rumble is real

Blaster Master Zero

Shovel Knight

35:00 –

Pinball Restoration

Williams Taxi

44:00 –

A bunch of stories, MicroCenter, McDonalds, Pizza, Walmart, Waffle House

Nintendo Switch is Here and it’s Awesome – Retro Jonez E.109

We are talking Nintendo Switch.

Start – Apology from Mike
9:00 – Taxi Pinball Restore
14:30 – FPGA thoughts
20:00 – Nintendo Switch First Impressions
27:00 – Zelda Breath of the Wild
35:00 – 1 2 Switch
37:00 – Fast RMX
39:00 – Switch non issues
52:30 – WiiU Zelda Breath of the Wild
1:00:00 – Resident Evil 7
1:05:00 – Random Closing Topics

Nintendo Switch, Pinball, Retroblox – Retro Jonez E.108

This week we cover a ton of things. Instead of writing a quirky intro here is the list. Boomshakalaka.

Accidental Costco Membership, Pinball restoration – Williams Taxi, Chinese Delivery, Retroblox, Valve submission requirements, Nintendo Switch the good and bad, King of Arcades

Valve, Zelda, Oculus, Switch – Retro Jonez E.107

This week we catch up on our week in gaming, Zelda expansion, Valve VR games, Oculus Rift, and 12 days out from Nintendo Switch.

Start – Mitch Updates – Taxi Pinball, Roadtrip
20:00 – Mike Updates – Resident Evil 7
22:30 – Poopy Pants Story
24:20 – No Mans Sky
28:30 – For Honor
36:00 – Parent Stories
37:30 – Best Buy removing Oculus Rift demo stations
39:30 – Valve working on 3 full length VR games
41:30 – Zelda expansion
49:00 – Nintendo Switch – The 12 Days of Switchmas

WiiU, Collecting, Sega, NES Classic – Retro Jonez E.106

On this Episode, we cover a pile of fun stuff.  We have man sized predicaments, we have pinballs, we have Grand Macs, WiiU Farewell, NES Classic,  Nintendo Switch, Sega Yakuza Rereleases, Abzu, Sega Master System, and retro gaming upgrades.

Start – Man Size Predicament #1 – Audio Interfaces

6:20 – Man Size Predicament #2 – Taxi – Williams Pinball

11:30 – Grand Mac

15:00 – WiiU Farewell, Switch, Sales Numbers

25:00 – Nes Classic

30:30 – Collectors Editions and Limited Edition Releases

42:00 – Sega Yakuza Rereleases

47:00 – Journey and Abzu

56:00 – Sega Master System

1:00:00 – Framemeister and other ways to upgrade your Retro Experience

Gamestop, Pacman, Framemeister, Nintendo – Retro Jonez E.105

This week we are talking al ot of games, collecting, sales, Nintendo Switch.

Start – Intro
7:40 – Smashing a Pacman & NAMCO
26:30 – It’s the Gamestop Circle of Life
40:30 – Framemeister and upscaling
52:00 – Nintendo Switch, Convincing Mitch
58:00 – Nintendo Red Tent Sale
1:14:00 – Nintendo Switch Online Pricing

Microsoft, Scorpio, Console Future, Gaming Headsets – Cereal at Night E.45

On this episode of Cereal at Night I discuss Microsoft’s cancellation of ScaleBound, what 2017 looks like for the company, and some thoughts on Scorpio.  I also discuss gaming audio headsets and clarify a youtube comparison video I made after receiving some good feedback.

Nintendo Switch, RetroPie, Funhouse, Steamlink – Retro Jonez E.102

We are back and this wek we discuss the steamlink, funhouse pinball, retropie, and the Nintendo Switch reveal.


Funhouse Pinball
Nintendo Switch
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Super Bomberman R
Sonic Mania
Lego City Undercover
Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
Splatoon 2
Super Mario Odyssey
Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap
Xenoblade Chronicles 2
Project Sonic 2017