There are Thieves on this Mother F’n Sea – E.118

Start – 0:05 – Chit Chat
0:05 – 0:20 – Switch / Xbox GameStop trade-in talk, Mitch buy’s a Nintendo Switch
0:20 – 1:02 – Mitch ranks the consoles and handhelds he has owned
1:02 – 1:16 – Sea of Thieves, There are Thieves on this Mother F’n Sea

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Xbox, Atari 2600, Sega Master System, Playstation 1, NES, Game Gear, Xbox 360, N64, Dreamcast, PSP, Vita, NES, PS3, GameCube, Genesis, 3DS, SNES

We forgot the Xbox – E.117

We talk about Mitch paragliding over volcano’s, cutting his finger off, Mike’s dad cut his ankle with a chainsaw, Mitch moderates a panel with pinball legend Steve Ritchie at Sothern Fried Gaming Expo, Discuss Billy Mitchell,  Mike ranks the consoles he has owned from least to most favorite (all 28).

3ds, gamecube, ps4, xbox one, wiiu, Gameboy(color), Vita, xbox 360, wii, Nomad, PSP, Game Gear, Saturn, dreamcast, Gameboy advance, switch, n64, 32x, sega cd,  atari 7800, PS3, Genesis, ps2, snes, ps1, xbox, nes, SMS

We Rank Nintendo Systems We’ve Owned – E.116

We completely fanboy about Ninja Turtles, Southern Fried Gameroom Expo, then we argue how we rank Nintendo systems we’ve owned, snes, nes, 3ds, gamecube, wiiu, Gameboy(color), Gameboy advance, switch, wii, n64, Mitch pinball collecting story acquiring The Simpson’s Pinball Party.

Ah, you reach down, between my legs – E.115

Update on Mike’s lawn care, Atlanta Pinball Museum Kickstarter, Mike plays Zelda Breath of the Wild again … and likes it … kind of, Mitch’s Williams Diner pinball restoration and quite the acquisition story, and Mike bought another PSP go and had an interesting travel story on the way to pick it up, weird craigslist and transaction stories, and this weeks game club is Final Fight on SNES for discussion next week.

The Darlings of Podcasts – E.114

Atlanta Pinball establishments; My Parents Basement, Portal Pinball. Pinball tables; Total Nuclear Annihilation, Dialed-In, Iron Maiden.  General Pinball Talk; Stern Pinball and Quality Control.   We also discuss our opinions on Switch, Wii-U love, group think, game reviews, Nintendo bias.

The Ying Yang Twins are Back! – Retro Jonez E.113

You most consistent podcast on the internet is back! We talk Sega Master System, Mitch’s Pinball Collection, the last year of our lives, Street Fighter 2, trips to the arcade, pinball collecting, arcade collecting, game collecting, please join us.

Guess who back…with guests – Cereal at Night E.47

This weeks episode we discuss God of War, video game reviews are kind of BS, Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Meta Critic, Rotten Tomatoes,  Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom,  Nintendo Labo, 2018 anticipated games. and a pile of rants.  Enjoy.

Spanky McSpanks – Cereal at Night E.46

On this episode I discuss Nintendo Switch, Splatoon 2, Destiny 2, the HDR truth, and major outlet video game reviews.

Start – Catch up, Nintendo Switch, Splatoon 2
16:00 – Destiny 2
21:00 – HDR and 4K – Debunking Misinformation
26:00 – Major Outlet Game Reviews

It’s your broken record podcast – E.112

Start – Intro, Car Buying Experiences
6:00 – Williams Taxi Pinball Restoration Update
10:00 – Bally NBA Fastbreak Pinball
17:00 – Splatoon 2, Nintendo Switch, Zelda, Accessories, Sales, Manufacturing increase
30:00 – Sega Master System, Retro Collecting, Sega Genesis, Pricing, Neo Geo
46:30 – PSN Name Change
52:00 – Random Topics, 60 in 1, School, Alf

Sega Master System, Nintendo…and Disney? – E.111

Start – Intro, Contact Info

3:00 – Williams Taxi Pinball Update

13:00 – Nintendo Switch – Headphones, HDMI syncing, a bit of Zelda

26:00 – Disney Afternoon Collection

34:00 – Sega Master System Collecting – Mike lands the blue Out Run to complete the collection, stories behind each of our collections, variant differences